Windows Support for the Real World

We are Mac specialists, but our PC support is just about on par with that experience. As a matter of fact, we pride ourselves in the ability to troubleshoot and fix Windows related problems whereas PC only technicians would simply erase your system and start from scratch! Not only that, but we work with technicians that are MCSE certified and are ready to take on tasks from new server installations to typical break-fix scenarios. We are also familiar with all of the major brands such as Dell, HP, IBM, Sony, etc.

PC Services Offered:

PC Repair - Liquid damage, screen, power, boot issues, hard drive, upgrades, maintenance (slow system), and troubleshooting. Ready to go to Windows 10? We go there! In short, we can handle any PC repair or maintenance task you throw at us and have the experience to back it up!

PC Setup - Let us install your new PC desktop or laptop. Need instruction? No problem! That is why we offer friendly and personable services, whether for your home or business.

Server Setup - Our partners can set you up with a redundant Windows server with typical services (Email, Web, Active Directory, RAID, etc.) Please don't hesitate to call us for a free consultation.

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