Which Apple iPod Should I Buy?

One of the wonderful things about living in the 21st century is the seemingly limitless choice that we have at our disposal. The world is practically at out finger tips, and with the click of the mouse we can have anything we want (this of course with the help of our atm/credit card:).

Truly: whether you shop online or choose to venture into your local electronic superstore, there are quite literally hundreds of devices out there waiting to try and impress and entertain you.

While it's certainly nice to have so much choice, it can indeed be overwhelming to some.
If you're on the verge of buying an iPod but aren't quite sure where to turn, then Apple has provided some rather wise buying advice (after all, Apple wants you to be happy so that you buy many iPods for many years to come, and give them as gifts, too!). Here's what the website MacWorld (www.macworld.com) advises:

"If your digital music collection remains relatively small, you're probably better off with an iPod mini. But if it takes 30 days to play your music collection from end to end, if you'd like to use the iPod's extra space for file storage, if you need extra battery life, or if you're a big fan of audiobooks, you'll love the new iPods."

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