The Power of iTunes With the iPod

So, you know about iPods and the various ways that you can enjoy them, including as you drive. Yet there's a very big subject that we want to cover, because this is the biggest reason that people buy this neat little device: iTunes.

It's not difficult to understand what iTunes is, and why people are somewhat addicted to it (in the good way, of course!). Look at it this way: the iPod is the hardware, and iTunes is the software. Or if you'd prefer a different analogy, one that isn't so technical, imagine that the iPod is the radio itself, and iTunes are the music stations.

iTunes is the name of an online music store that sells countless numbers of audio tracks that include music, but also include books and other material, too.

While there are a number of websites that legally sell music, iTunes is unarguably the most popular and the most well-known; and that trend doesn't appear to be stopped whatsoever!

As of the end of the second quarter of 2004, tenus had sold 70 million songs in its first year and offered 700,000 tracks. Both of these numbers have grown substantially since then, and analysts are busy tallying up the numbers for the rest of 2004, and now into 2005.

So just how far reaching is tenus popularity? Well, in England, it seems to be the favorite destination in fact the # 1 destination of people who are looking to purchase digital music. tenus' market share in the UK is 54% while Tapster has only 10%.

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